Thursday, 18 October 2007

KTemoc On The Space Fiasco

The dude has a point when he says this space blastoff deepens our social rift.

His take on why our space boy has been blasted to glory. In more ways than one.

Muszaphar suffered from two handicaps:

(1) He is a Melayu (Malay), hence his candidature has been (and still is) immediately a suspect! Whether he was the best candidate is totally irrelevant - he would automatically be seen by many hostile to the BN as someone picked because the colour of his skin or his political affiliation or connections.

(2) He hops on what has been seen as a BN rather than Malaysian effort to introduce space flights, admittedly at a ludicrous fee, into our span of activities - bad boy!

He has an even more interesting opinion on the issue of self-esteem.

Go and read it for yourself.

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