Thursday, 13 March 2008

DAP - Practise What You Preach!


After all that sanctimonious sermons about equality and putting to death of our racial sentiments, our neighbourhood friendly DAP head honcho goes back on his word.

You see, the root of the problem is that these fresh-faced Chinese DAPpers are not ready to accept the Malays as their equals. Definitely not enough to agree to have a PAS-member of a Menteri Besar at that.

And why would they? The Chinese and Indians have been brainwashed for years by Barisan Nasional to believe that the Malays are inferior to them, hence the need for 'Malay special rights' and consequently the NEP.

And the Malays strongly believe they cannot live without additional help. Except for the new breed like Nik Nazmi, Badrul Hisham Shaharin and others who could probably stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the non-Malays.

This new breed is what will make Malaysia a highly competitive nation in the future. Enough to trounce Singapore, hopefully. :)

But really, it's time to stop the Chinese chauvinism, DAP! Even if they ARE sentiments reflected by those who voted you in. I highly doubt it though.

The Malays and Indians have voted in the Chinese. The Chinese and Indians voted in the Malays. And the Chinese and Malays have voted in Indians.

We have transcended the boundaries of ethnicity when we voted in our representatives!

We are beyond the petty issues like the colour of our skin.

Though I wouldn't completely blame Lim Kit Siang. I can imagine what it looks like especially with MCA trying to rub in the fact that a PAS leader (supposedly feared by self-respecting Chinese) is in charge of the Perak state.

Seriously, I can picture the snivelling face of Ong Ka Chuan as he eagerly tries to disseminate Barisan Nasional style disunity among the residents of Perak.

What on earth does this pansy mean by, "Having a mentri besar from PAS creates fear among non-Muslims. This also creates political instability"??

See, I've told you before that being a member of Barisan Nasional qualifies you lifetime membership of Idiots-R-Us. All BN goons are good at blabbering keywords like 'fear' and 'political instability'. They have never been able to justify their position, however.

As for the people of Perak, would you prefer this kind of MCA leader to a PAS leader? Haven't you been sodomised enough by Barisan Nasional policy? Or are you anal (pun intended) enough to want to remain under their rule?

I don't see what the non-Muslims have to fear. This Nizar, if Malaysiakini is to be believed, sounds like a reasonably decent guy:

Nizar apologised for causing some anxiety among the public in the late announcement of the post.

“I would also like to give my assurance that all state decisions will be made collectively,” he told reporters.

Nizar, 51, is one of the professionals who made it to the top echelon of the PAS leadership in the state.

An engineer who obtained his degree from United Kingdom’s Aston University of Science and Technology in Birmingham, Nizar was highly respected for being a Quran reading champion.

“He is the religious type and a successful businessman,” said cousin Shuib Hussin, 70.

Meanwhile, close friend Khalilul Rahman Abdul Samah described Nizar as a down-to-earth person.

“He has good rapport with the people. I was with him once when he stopped by the roadside to help some stranger fix his car.”

You wouldn't dream of seeing any Barisan Nasional freak on the way from the golf course to a buffet dinner getting out of his Mercedes to help a stranger. No way.

And I'm quite amenable to the religious types, as long as they aren't the BN-type 'religious'. You know the type - pray 5 times a day but take bribes and practise corruption 5 times a day for good measure.

Sean-the-man has some words for the new Menteri Besar:

If you even breathe the words 'NEP, haram, tutup aurat' when it comes to state policy or take any steps to make my pork noodles, Toto and Guinness Stout less accessible than usual, you'll be bitch slapped so fast that your head will spin. Shit like that is okay in 95% Muslim Kelantan, but not in 47% non-Muslim Perak.

But somehow, I doubt these PAS fellows are as radical as they're made out to be by our MSM spindoctors.


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Vijay said...

It is quite sad, isn't, Crankshaft. Personally, I love LKS, but is is depressing when he turns around and says something like this.

The good thing is that he has since apologized. But his indiscretion has given the ruling coalition some dirt to throw back in all out faces.

To me, his outburst his understandable. His experience working with PAS back in the 1999 General Election has - to put politely - soured his appetite for PAS.

Personally, I advise patience.

LKS is only human, and lets not forget that he has fought tooth and nail for so long for all of us.

Yes, he messed up. But at least he realized his mistake and made a move, no matter how feeble, to correct it.

Vijay said...

P.S. Monica...? That is probably the weirdest comment I have ever come across...

stupidmalaysia said...

I guess everyone should read Raja Petra's analysis.
PAS jumped the gun before the announcement by HRH Raja Nazrin.
So in essence, both parties are caught off guard.

Also, reading Tony Pua's opinion, an MB holds immense power in a state, therefore, starting off on a right footing is crucial.
I guess we have to see how it plays out. 50 years of mental conditioning is a hard thing to break overnight.

What we had on March 8 2008 is a revolution, of sorts and with all revolution you need time to let the dust settles.
We're all human and the mind can only comprehend so much change in a da;, but what is crucial here is the breakaway from racial politics, accountability and transparency in governance.

stupidmalaysia said...

Ever thought why no mention of Perlis and who really menghina Raja Melayu in main stream media, except NST.