Friday, 16 May 2008

Detention Under ISA

With the inflation rate skyrocketing, it appears that our government must have decided to give us free entertainment by flaunting and parading their stupidity in full view of all and sundry.

Except no one is laughing because the situation is getting critical. And those in power are outdoing themselves by trying to explain away their demented actions that serve their selfish goals.

Take this village idiot, for example. He goes by the monicker Musa Hassan, but it makes you wonder who died and appointed him as the Inspector General of Police?!

Because for the love of God, he is nothing but an utter embarrassment to anyone who identifies himself as Malaysian!!

This man is the reason why our police force, the law enforcement of our nation is in such a pathetic state.

When our forefathers drew up the Constitution, they stipulated that the Executive, Legislative and Judicial bodies be independent of each other - to protect democracy and prevent abuse of power.

It is common knowledge that in Malaysia, this part of the Constitution (among others) has been completely disregarded, with tyranny reigning supreme within the government.

To make matters worse, instead of remaining independent to protect the rights of the citizens, Law Enforcement is in bed with the government. They are having a massive orgy to ensure that they collectively remain in power until kingdom come.

The easiest way to do that is to remove potential threats. Now these are not potential threats to the country. These are threats to the individuals in power, whose lofty position is destabilised by the presence of those threats.

So what do they do? They detain anyone who poses a threat (not to national security but for personal gain), under the draconian Internal Security Act which is frankly a barbaric law with no purpose anymore, in this day and age.

This is how arrogant the current ruling coalition has become, to repeatedly ignore the calls for change. These imbeciles have become so fixated on remaining in power that they have shown their tragic lack of wisdom when it comes to ruling our country.

Both the government and police blatantly deny that detaining without giving fair trial is cruel.

In the case of the latest ISA detainees (HINDRAF 5) who were arrested merely because they spoke of the discrimination against themselves, there was insufficient investigation carried out beforehand.

This makes their arrest ILLEGAL.

The government is not holding these men for the nation's security; it is keeping them behind bars to scare the hell out of people and to serve as a warning that anyone who goes against the government will receive due punishment.

Our government is criminal.

One of the HINDRAF 5, Uthayakumar is in very critical condition. He is a diabetic, one with very high blood sugar levels. He has also developed a disturbing skin allergy and is experiencing heart problems.

If there are insufficient doctors available even for the National Service trainees, would you expect that a detention centre for individuals who have fallen short of the government's good graces would dispense of sufficient medical treatment and attention??

You must be out of your mind if you think so.

The newspapers claim that Uthayakumar's condition is reportedly stable after being treated by doctors, but I highly doubt it.

Detainees of the Internal Security Act are in Kamunting because it is illegal for the government to exterminate them, though if given the opportunity, I'm certain more C4 explosives would be utilised.

Of course, the government hasn't disposed of them because it is illegal to do so. It is merely because they have become public figures and someone would certainly question their sudden disappearance.

Otherwise, I am sure the government and its concubine, the police force, would certainly eliminate its threats in blissful silence.

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