Friday, 31 October 2008

Is Caning Still In Use?

My colleague from Spain sent me this link about the dude who put centipedes in his neighbor's bed.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – A Malaysian man has been accused of trying to hurt his neighbor with a dangerous weapon — centipedes. Prosecutor Mazri Mohamed said Wednesday that R. Prabakaran has been charged with attempting to cause harm with a dangerous weapon after allegedly unleashing four centipedes and bugs in his neighbor's bed last week following an argument.

Prabakaran, 21, allegedly climbed on to the roof to enter his neighbor's house where he committed the offense, Mazri said.

Prabakaran pleaded not guilty Tuesday in a court in the southern city of Johor Baru and has been released on bail, Mazri said.

It was not clear what species the centipedes were. Some species are poisonous.

If found guilty, Prabakaran faces up to three years prison and a caning.

My colleague wants to know if caning is still in use in Malaysia. I told him it was, but now I'm not so sure. We still employ that form of punishment, don't we?

When I was in Madrid, I made it sound like Malaysia was the greatest country on the planet. Every other colleague listening to my passionate oratory vowed to visit this country some time soon.

But with the way things have been going in the socio-political scene, I'm wondering if I have been guilty of misrepresenting Malaysia. Of stretching the truth.

But that's that about us Malaysians. Famous for all the wrong reasons.


Patricia said...

I think it still is - at least, when my kids were in school just 3 years ago it was. Public caning in front of the assembly.

I've never agreed with it. Don't know what on earth good it is supposed to achieve.

Anyway, all 'bad' things that kids do have a root in something: smoking, bullying, whatever. As educators, we should try to get to the root of the problem.

And yah, yah, I know there are too many kids and too much going wrong, BUT we need to try, at least on an individual level. If we just reach out to one kid, we can make a difference.

The cane never solved anything - whether at home or in the school.


Crankster said...

But caning in prisons?

Patricia said...

There too! Hanging, caning, killing in any way - it is like we descend to the level of the criminal when we do that. Just shove them in prison and throw away the key lah ;)


Patricia said...

OMG sorry darling. I read this, walked away, came back, read the last line and responded! Hahahah! What a bodoh I am!

But yes, they still have caning in prisons now. For sure. I checked. And I still don't think it makes sense - if you care to know what I think, seeing as how I am such an idiot!


Crankster said...

LOL Pat. You're a riot. :)
We must meet up sometime.