Saturday, 29 November 2008

Friendly Reminder

It's relatively easy to recognise an Asian-owned store in Australia. Every square inch of space is occupied with items for sale except for the token space necessary for customers to walk.

The Hot Dollar shop in Eastwood was no exception.

You obviously got your money's worth here.

But a good bargain always attracts the menagerie. And sometimes they have dirty hands.

So Hot Dollar is compelled to put out a sign in impeccable English as a friendly reminder to ...

... actually, I have really no idea what it means.

Possibly, "Do not open".


jugular said...

It means "keep yer grubby hands aht of it yer drongo or ahl drop yer" in Oz speak.

Or in Chinese... "no touch, buy only 2 dollah" :)

Crankster said...

I like the Ocker version of it better. :)