Saturday, 3 January 2009

Chaser's APEC Conference

It's no secret that the Malaysian government and law enforcement are screwed three ways to Sunday.

When it comes to adminstration of this country, they have no aim, goals & direction and wouldn't be able to acquire one even if you gave them a map, a compass and a GPS system.

And they are spectacularly incompetent.

You just know it by the way they randomly establish roadblocks, brutalise protestors at peaceful demonstrations and more recently, arrest young cyclists to intimidate them.

But there are also other governments, who need some work on their erm... skills.

A stunt like that would be a hoot in Malaysia, except that if we saw Osama bin Laden, a whole bunch of people like PEWARIS and the mamak boys from Penang will be rushing to embrace him.


-naga- said...

Crankster! That was hilarious.. which program is that?? :p [It has a bit of resemblance to Rove Live though..]

shar101 said...


Now I'm wondering who in Malaysia would have the testicular gumption to pull a stunt like that.

But then again, even poster parodies of government bigwigs get the ISA call sign in your face.

Give us more, C and let's see if we can wear em down with some self humility.

Naaahh.. them UMNO blokes will try to make a buck out of it.

Crankster said...

I don't know Naga, but they're known as the Chasers.

LOL Shar.

jugular said...

Yes they are known as The Chaser Boys and a fine upstanding example of the Aussie pastime of "taking the piss" they are. That particular clip was from "The Chasers War on Everything" shown on the ABC This is the latest incarnation of a number of shows they've done for the national broadcaster (much to the chagrin of the politicians who fund the ABC and who usually end up bearing the brunt of the satire). No target is out of bounds and they certainly have what in Yiddish is called chutzpah.

They have their own website as well