Thursday, 23 July 2009

The 41

Zorro tells us that "the business at hand is the 41 henpecked...oopppsss, handpicked elite lumped into some fancy-named committees that form the cog and wheel of the current government’s mellifluous spanking new anti-corruption machinery."

I join both YB Jeff Ooi, MP for Jelutong and CPI chief, Lim Teck Ghee in calling for the resignation of these 41:

Anti-Corruption Advisory Board members
Abdul Hamid Mohamad
Amar Hamid Bugo
Dr Mohd Kamal Hassan
Mohamed Jawhar Hassan
Simon Sipaun
Zaiton Zawiyah Puteh
Rashpal Singh Jeswant Singh
Yong Poh Kon
Anwar Fazal
Dr Khoo Kay Kim
Chelvarajah Ramasamy Reddiar

Special committee on corruption
Mohd Radzi Sheikh Ahmad
Razali Ibrahim
Abdul Rahman Dahlan
Dr Tan Seng Giaw
Salahuddin Ayub
Zamri Yusuf
Armani Mahirudin

Complaints committee
Mohd Nor Abdullah
Muhammad Mohd Noor
Wan Abdul Wahab Abdullah
Chooi Mun Sau
Ravindran V Muthu

Operations review panel
Dr Hadenan Abdul Jalil
Cecil Abraham
Nik Mohd Hasyudeen Yusoff
Walter Sandosam
Aminah Pit Abd Raman
Md Hamzah Md Kassim
Dr Syed Noh Syed Ahmad

Corruption consultation and prevention panel
Ramon Navaratnam
Dr Abdul Rahman Embong
Dr Zainal Abidin Abdul Majid
David Chua
Wong Chun Wai
Kamaruddin Zakaria
Nordin Kardi
Prof Dr Ishak Tambi Kechik
Azman Ujang
Anis Yusal Yusoff
Robert Phang Miow Sin

Already Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam said, “I do not want to resign, as I believe in fulfilling my duties. As the Prime Minister appointed me, I have an obligation to serve in the true spirit of a former civil servant.” Not Amen, but ahem to that.

Remember these names, people.


Antares said...

I know a few of these individuals, Cranky, and they are very decent folk. That's why they were appointed to the MACC advisory board - to present a facade of respectability to the public. If I were one of them, I'd be screaming blue murder for my name to be immediately removed from the list.

Antares said...

Correction: The ones I personally know, like Anwar Fazal and Anis Yusal Yusoff, are fine... but there are a couple of well-known geeks on the panel, viz., Wong Chun Wai (chief spinmeister for The Star) and Nordin Kardi (former head of the Biro Tata Negara) who probably should NOT resign, since they support the political status quo - and that's what MACC is all about, isn't it?

bayi said...

By not speaking out against the wrongs of the MACC, as they are expected to do, these 41 members have chosen to rot within their cozy appointments.

If they expect us to believe that they will be able to work better and more effectively within, they have failed. If they had been effective, Beng Hock would not have died. It is apparent that they were not even aware of the doubtful interrogation procedures adopted by the MACC. And did they voice their concern to the level expected of them after the tragedy?

I don't know. I think I heard whimpers.

Yes, we should remember the 41 names!

walla said...

If even murder cases can be whitewashed to oblivion, what's new?

It's all about plausible deniability, baby. That's why inquest can be inquell.

Crankster said...

Khoo Kay Kim is said to be a respectable fellow. I was surprised to see him there. I'm disappointed he hasn't spoken out against this atrocity though.

And like bayi says, by not speaking out, they have failed in their duty as advisors.

Crankster said...

Walla, it is shocking isn't it? I'd never have thought Malaysia would sink to such depths that murder can be obliterated. It looks like human life is so cheap.

Patricia said...

If my name was on that list, I'd have screamed loudest for an inquiry to show that we were innocent.

But their silence is deafening. What does that tell us? I'm assuming it's saying: 'we know we done wrong; but let's lay low, and see if it comes out; and whether we get kicked in the arse.'

Anonymous said...

good blog; let's flush these so called watch dogs out into the open and we can decide whether they are sleeping or running dogs.

And then we can flush them into you know where! Pathetic boot ****ers. Are they not aware that they are being used?