Saturday, 5 February 2011

Egypt Solidarity Rally In KL

A bunch of Malaysians held a solidarity rally outside the US embassy today and also demanded that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak do as most of Egypt says: resign.

As with all public rallies and protests in Malaysia, a police helicopter hovered inconspicuously over the rally participants.

But the helicopter was the mildest thing there. The despotic BN regime, wishing to quell any form of democracy, sent in the heavily armed FRU complete with batons, shields and tear gas rifles.

The whole shebang.

It didn't intimidate the rally though. Apparently there was the obligatory memo to hand over to Washington to tell Mubarak to quit immediately, which they did.

"The Egyptian people deserve a regime change. Egyptians deserve their freedom, the right to self-determination and the right to build their own future."

So do Malaysians, actually.

True to Malaysian form, it was a peaceful protest. But for good measure, the riot squad sprayed their Chinese New Year blessings of chemical-laced water from the water cannon on the rally participants just as the crowd was breaking up.

The Star, being the political slave that it is, had to claim, of course, that the seven men were arrested for unruly behaviour - apparently they had thrown bottles and hard objects.

What lies. Eye-witnesses like PSM's Arul have reiterated that the police violence was unnecessary. "The people were going home after a peaceful rally when police fired the water cannon."

I also wonder what The Star is trying to imply with the "bottles" comment. It has not escaped my notice that there are very few bottles in Malaysia. Soft drinks come in cans and plastic bottles these days.

Only liquor tends to come in bottles. Is The Star trying to imply that the PAS-organised rally was full of drunkards? Is The Star stooping so low by attempting to tarnish the conservative Muslim image?

"TAKE BEER" (a mockery of "takbir") is such a UMNO-BN trademark.

Oh yes. Malaysians deserve a regime change and everything else the Egyptians deserve.


Joshua Lopez said...

There is absolutely no need for Malaysians to throw anger or demonstration at the US Embassy here. It's indeed Shameful, Unbecoming and Irrelevant.

Crankster said...

There is a term called "Freedom Of Expression" but I fear you wouldn't have a clue what it means.

Joshua Lopez said...

off course there's a term called freedom of expression but how shameful of us being a poorly managed third world country to stand in front of the US Embassy Screaming civil rights! Hahahahahaha! Looks like a bunch of Sor Chais!

Crankster said...

Everyone, from the lowest labourer to the highest professional, has equal claim to human rights.

It also does not matter whether they are Americans or Zimbabweans.