Thursday, 27 October 2011

And You Claim We Are Conservative??

A bit on the issue of khalwat.

In 2002, the Reformasi website named top public figures and officials who were having relatively public affairs, including Najib Tun Razak, then the defense minister and now the prime minister, who was caught in a Port Dickson hotel room with the actress and singer Ziana Zain. None have been apprehended by the khalwat police.

“It’s in the culture — not that sex is a scandal in itself but that Malays like to aib or cause shame to their enemies,” said an ethnic Malay lawyer in Malaysia. “Khalwat is a tool to eliminate or shame your enemy. It’s partly rooted in perasaan hasad dengki – good old jealousy to bring down the other fella who has more than you. Islam itself forbids spying. That’s what khalwat is.

I wonder why no one in the Himpun rally thought it fitting to rally against Muslims indulging in this sort of thing?

Read the rest in Sex, Lies and Malaysian Politics


Joshua Lopez said...

That scandal you mentioned about is when i was in primary school and you still remember ah? Wha Lau!

Crankster said...

It's not that I remembered -- it's an excerpt from the article written by John Berthelsen.

Joshua Lopez said...

I clearly remember it very well, it was the talk of the town then. But again, i don't care who fucks who. Just do your job properly and after office hours it ain't my business.