Sunday, 10 December 2006

"Dress Decently!!"

Puritans are in vogue.

No, really. I recall a twit sometime back who likened women to 'uncovered meat' in relation to their dresscodes, which unfortunately (and presumably) did not include a grey burqa.

Bless his soul, but Sheikh al-Hilali has a rival in the form of Nik Aziz, President of PAS (The Opposition - Islamic Party of Malaysia) who by no twist of fate belongs to good ole Malaysia.

I swear, it's highly entertaining living in Malaysia. Those of you in the US really oughta make a visit down here. We'll draw up the dress code for you, don't worry. :)

Let's take a look at PAS' (Islamic Party of Malaysia) efforts at making the world a better place:
1) Separating male and female checkout lines at supermarkets
2) Directives to cinema halls to be well lit
3) Separating of sexes in public swimming pools
4) Advising women against wearing lipstick outside their homes, because it could arouse men and lead to sexual assault

The latest curb comes in the form of a municipal by-law, which slaps "indecently dressed women" with a fine of up to RM500.


The rule was reportedly aimed at women employed in retail outlets and eateries, both Muslim and non-Muslim. No-nos include tight pants, mini-skirts and body-hugging outfits.

Of course, after due protest, he withdrew the imposition on non-Muslim women, not before whining, "The dress code is an Islamic requirement to help protect the virtue of women."

Why are all these men falling over themselves to protect women's virtues anyways?

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