Monday, 27 June 2016

Grappling With Racism In Malaysia

I am utterly disgusted.

In the past, I have ranted against the American way of dealing with people of African descent. It is totally reproachable, and an indication that while they may call themselves "first-world", they are merely third-world idiots with a sense of entitlement.

However, I may have been hypocritical to rebuke them when a similar situation happens in Malaysia.

I just discovered that residents at Waja Apartments in Taman Tun Perak, Cheras had openly displayed a banner with the words “Say No to African People”. Apparently, such banners against Africans have cropped up in Shah Alam and the Sunway area as well.


I used to think that Europeans were the most insular and parochial bunch of people on the planet - not so much the wealthy and educated ones, but the poor, working class types.

Evidently, Malaysia seems to be vying for that honour. Could anything get more revolting?

Now, I know what the reasons (perhaps excuses would be a more accurate word?) for not wanting Africans in their midst would be:

1) Africans are noisy.
2) Africans are criminals.
3) Africans make the place look less posh.

I have actually heard all these excuses uttered and was too shocked to respond at the time. However, I will deal with it today. No time like the present, I always say.

So here goes, based on the order above:

1) Malaysians are noisy too. Celaka la. Have you heard Malaysians at a cafe watching a football game? Have you heard them toss yee sang during Chinese New Year? Have you heard them set off firecrackers as well? Have you actually been to a BERSIH rally and heard how much noise Malaysians can make? Don't be selective. If Africans are genuinely bothering you with their noise, tell them politely. If they don't show consideration, then see point number 2.

2) There will always be bad eggs in every community. I have lost count of the number of times I have seen kes ragut by a Melayu, or a vicious mugging by some Indian, or a Chinese speeding on the highway or trying to cut you off on the road and then trying to bully you (f*cking gangster!) when you show displeasure. I curse these f*ckwads very wholeheartedly. But you know what, that is the job of the police to deal with them. But the police are useless, I can hear you say. Well. There has been a new cop put in charge of Kuala Lumpur. I don't know if he has the support of the community and administration. But Amar Singh deserves to be given a chance to prove himself. So report any crimes: be they felonies or misdemeanours. You deserve to live in a safe place.

3) Screw you. I hope you get an opportunity to travel abroad. I hope you're really excited about it, have bought the suitable clothes, charged up your camera, exchanged ringgit for the local currency, and arrive there safely, only to be treated like sh!t by the locals, because your presence makes the place less posh. I hope your vacation is ruined. You deserve it.

So many Malaysians complain about how they're discriminated against by Malaysia's pro-Bumiputera policies. I have lost count of the number of people who rant against it. Best of all, they plan to migrate "for the sake of the children".

And yet, it doesn't bother them when they practice discrimination themselves. Is it only discrimination if it happens to you?

I really begin to wonder, is racism the Malaysian norm?