Tuesday, 9 September 2014

What's Illegal

This would explain why Ibrahim Ali, Zulkifli Noordin and Ridhuan Tee have never been charged with sedition.

They may have created ill-will, racial and religious tension, but they've never exposed the illegal things that the government has been up to.

And lest you think this happens only in Malaysia - believe me, it happens all over the world, even in purportedly first world nations.

This does not mean we take it lying down.

I say get up and fight back! We are Malaysians, we have dignity!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Charged In Court For Merely Dissenting

1. Azmi Sharom
2. Haris Ibrahim
3. Rafizi Ramli
4. Adam Adli
5. N. Surendran
6. Khalid Samad
7. Susan Loone
8. Safwan Anang
9. Tian Chua
10. RSN Rayer
11. Teresa Kok
12. Nizar Jamaluddin
13. Hishammuddin Rais
14. Ali Abd Jalil

This is not even a comprehensive list of all those people who have been or are to be charged in court for "sedition".

Of course, in the Malaysian context, "sedition" involves merely speaking out against the ruling coalition, which forms the illegal government of Malaysia that the people did not even vote into power during the last elections.

Those accused of sedition are lawyers, politicians, journalists and activists who have criticised the government in the past.

In other words:

The sedition law criminalizes speech with an undefined "seditious tendency".

Phil Robertson, Asia deputy director of Human Rights Watch, said the prosecutions were reminiscent of so-called Operation Lalang in 1987 under Mahathir, when more than 100 opposition politicians and activists were arrested under an old Internal Security Act (ISA) which allowed detention without trial.

"The parameters are basically the same - you are using an antiquated draconian law to go after the opposition," he said.

But my respect goes out to the Malaysians, they are uncowered and unafraid of jail, and they are fighting back!

Don't stay on the sidelines.

Show your support. Are you with them?

10th Sept: Walk with Azmi Sharom

8th Sept: Walk with Ali Abd Jalil

Sunday, 7 September 2014

What Happened to MH17?

So why did the news on the catastrophic Malaysia Airlines MH17 that was shot down over Ukraine suddenly die down?

Has there been an agreement among the major powers not to tell the world who did it?

Contrary to the MH370, the events surrounding the MH17 are much more obvious.

It was shot out of the sky by a very lethal and long range weapon.

Most of the evidence points to it being the work of filthy Russian rebels.

But shouldn't there be a proper investigation held and the results announced? It wasn't just Malaysians affected, but plenty of Dutch nationals as well.

What's happened to the flight data (black box) and cockpit voice recorders?

Read what Professor Stephen Cohen has to say.

Monday, 1 September 2014

National Farm

Sadly, that poster is relevant to almost every country on this planet.

You stand up and make that difference.

Be proud to be Malaysian.

I know I am.