Monday, 23 April 2012

A Week Before The Big Day!!

The developments are both frustrating and exciting.

As I said in my previous post, UMNO/BN should not be underestimated. True to word, they have learned their lsson. They have dispensed with the heavy-handed big brother tactics and chosen to go for the stealthy and sneaky approach of sending gangsters to rough up and cause a disturbance.

This is precisely what is happening with the activists in Occupy Dataran.

The police were there, but merely looked on without taking any action against the attackers.

Now the government claims that it is fine to go ahead with the demonstration, except that a change in venue is necessary.

What rubbish! There is no venue more suitable than the Dataran Merdeka if not for its smybolism, the open space for a proper sit-in.

I hope the BERSIH steering committee does not accede to these silly and petty attempts to thwart a growing movement.

But yes, while it can be frustrating, it's certainly exciting as well!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Tussle Between Government & People

Each new struggle for the same basic demands comes along with its own experiences. For the most part, Malaysian activists have grown and improved.

Of course, to assume that the goverment hasn't learnt anything at all would be to underestimate the enemy.

They have learned, which is why they appear -- at least on the surface -- to allow the demonstration to go on.

But make no mistake. They will make every attempt to thwart it from the sidelines.

After all, the solution for doing away with this demonstration is ludicrously simple. All the Malaysian government has to do is to enforce some of the responsible practices recommended by BERSIH.

But to do that could mean losing the elections. Losing power of the nation. Losing something that never belonged to them in the first place.

They cannot survive without their privileges. Won't do.

So the show must go on until those who want it more eventually succeed. I hope victory is in the hands of those who deserve it: the people.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

At The Promenade In New Brighton

This is at the tip of the wirral peninsular at a little promenade town called New Brighton. The beach shows the banks of the River Mersey and Liverpool is at the distance.

Meanwhile, the classic posh restaurants remain.