Monday, 22 February 2016

Welcoming The New KL Police Chief, Amar Singh

Apparently, there is a new top cop on the block.

He's been raising attention not just because he's a third generation cop, but also because as KL police chief, he is the first Sikh person to be appointed to this position.

He is also the first Sikh to be ranked as Commissioner of Police.

This new role takes effect in the middle of March.

Congratulations may be in order, but I would prefer to bid my time in order to find out whether he is more likely to reduce the crime rate, protect KL from terrorist threats (as of today, there has been yet another warning, this time from the Australians), or spend his time chasing after university undergraduates for offending some politician's sensibilities.

The challenges of protecting Kuala Lumpur are no longer what they were 30 or 40 years ago. The population has increased, and Malaysia's role in the world has also gained eminence, believe it or not.

Despite the stupidity that Najib and co inflict on our senses, there are still respectable business people and scientists/researchers out there that put us on the map.

We also have a high immigration rate now, so a bit more policing is expected.

Perhaps cutting out corruption in the police force would also be a good idea.

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