Monday, 18 December 2006

Malaysians Are Migrating

Malaysians appear to have finally thrown in the towel.

Along with their houses, cars and jobs, I should add.

Since last month, more and more Malaysians have been enquiring about migrating. Between Nov 14 to Nov 19 alone, there were about 6,500 enquiries for migration to Australia, 5,500 enquiries for New Zealand, 4,000 for Canada, about 3,500 enquiries for other countries, including Norway and Switzerland.

Are Malaysians trying to ditch the country?

It wouldn't surprise me though. Between the needless and wasteful spending that comes out of the taxpayers' pocket, the corruption that is rampant and the racism that minorities have to endure, it's about time Malaysians looked for greener pastures.

It's gone beyond the wake up call for politicians and their race-manipulative agendas, but I'm not holding my breath for the Great Awakening.

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