Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Malaysians Are Wimps

Some time ago I posted something from The Age for an article by Michael Backman, a renowned writer and columnist specialising in economies, politics, business groups and business practices in Asia.

It had rather caustic but completely accurate comments about the ludicrous government policies and decisions that have hindered Malaysia from being the hugely powerful country it could easily have been.

To summarise, The Age rightfully asserts that Malaysia is a country that prefers to argue about how to divide wealth rather than get on with the job of creating it.

While there are a decent number of Malaysians living in Australia, it is obvious that even those still residing in Malaysia (either due to a severe lack of options or sheer bad taste - of which I happily admit to the latter) have been on the lookout for someone who understands the system over here.

This article made its way into my inbox, for a grand total of FOUR times from FOUR different people!! And all within a week. It has NEVER happened before.

Perhaps the abovementioned occurence should gain entry into the Malaysia Book of Records where it shall seek solace in the Hall of Imbecility, next to the entry for 'First Teh Tarik, Batu Seremban and Gasing In Space'.

But mind me not.

Apparently some Malaysians even emailed Mr Backman to commend him for his astute observations. In his website, he has a special note for Malaysians which begins with:

The response to my recent column 'While Malaysia fiddles, its opportunities are running dry', published in The Age newspaper on November 15 has been overwhelming. I've received hundreds of e-mails and messages, many from Malaysians both in Malaysia and outside, of which perhaps 95% have been supportive. Thank you for these. It seems that the column has given voice to concerns that many Malaysians have.

Yes indeed, Mr Backman. Yes indeed.

It has come to our attention rather belatedly that most of the people we have elected/appointed to the government/parliament should be:
a) behind bars
b) in a school for severe learning disabilities
c) in the primate section of the national zoo

We do have concerns. We just don't have the guts to voice them.

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