Sunday, 14 January 2007

The Malaysians Have Finally Protested

And God, am I proud! I never thought I'd live to see the day, but as Stupid Malaysia states, the people's patience has finally reached tipping point.

This latest protest came about in the face of rising toll charges within the city. It's truly nefarious the way the government - or to be specific, the Barisan Nasional party - couldn't give a rat's ass about the people's needs.

It looks like this demonstration took place in Sunway Pyramid, though as far as I know, the mainstream media chose not to cover it for political reasons.

But look at the reinforcements. The riot police (or Federal Reserve Unit) do look resplendent in their gear, though not too concerned about the issue at hand. In fact, some of them look downright bored and restless.

They can afford to. So far, we peace-loving Malaysians haven't turned violent.

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