Sunday, 8 April 2007

Citizens Should NOT Think!

For the best interests of the country, it is advisable that all citizens of Malaysia close themselves to all unconventional and unpleasant bits of information.

Yes, thinking is a nasty little habit which is certainly not encouraged - especially in Malaysian schools. Woe betide any fool who had the temerity to question a dubious 'fact' during History class.

God gave you brains to memorise, not think, the Malaysian education system seems to say.

The critical thinkers were always punished, for there is no room for debate in the answer schemes for SPM or STPM.

It's a disservice to call it education; if anything it's a miseducation.

In spite of ourselves, we Malaysians have thrived.

In spite of the racial politics, we actually like each other.

We sit in the mamak stalls (the more sophisticated among us refer to them as alfresco dining) and have teh tarik, nasi lemak, and roti canai - often way past midnight.

Many times I have observed that ALL races frequent mamak stalls. And for those savvy mamaks who have high-tech projectors perpetually tuned to the sports channel, namely football, statistics are exchanged and bets are called.

When I see this blatant disregard for individual race and embracement of The Malaysian Culture (yes, that's our culture, not the fake baju kebaya the authorities claim designates us as Malaysian), I'm happy to live here.

It could be worse.

For all their economic success in the world, Singaporeans are much more suppressed. Their only outlet seems to be TV gameshows in the form of 'Singapore's Smartest ____'. Fill in the blanks - teacher, taxi driver, student, housewife, pet turtle, whatever.

To its credit, Malaysia has refused to censor the Internet although it appears to be attempting other methods of limiting access.

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