Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Dressing Like A Malaysian

Spare my soul.

It's about dressing again.

Or rather the appropriate outfit that Malaysian women should wear when they may be said to represent the country overseas.

I wonder why we Malaysians obsess to death over our culture. You'd think we'd have better things on our hands.

Honestly, are we THAT inferior?? Are we THAT insecure that we constantly need to remind ourselves to dress Malaysian in order to promote Malaysia?

Give me a fricking break!

To begin with, why do we need to promote Malaysia? Are we all kutu-infested that no one in their right mind would want to come within a 5 mile radius of us?

Heck, if we were truly interested in our culture we'd be preserving our buildings, not destroying them like Bok House. Of course, Bok House was more of a racial issue than cultural, wasn't it?

And if it's racial, then we don't need the government to dictate what I wear. If I am non-Malay, then expecting me to wear a baju kurung or kebaya is tantamount to forcing an alien culture down my throat.

For goodness sake. MAS flight attendants wear a kebaya. Why should Air Asia follow suit? They already have a uniform. A very bright red one.

I would be very disappointed if Tony Fernandes actually gives consideration to the stupid suggestion of changing the Air Asia uniform to look more 'Malaysian'.

I've flown Emirates a couple of times. Their uniform is rather unusual - a blend of Middle Eastern and Western attire.

Which is acceptable as most of their flight attendants aren't exactly all Arabs. I see a fair amount of Scandinavians, Africans and Orientals.

In spite of their uniform, I doubt they are in any way representative of the United Arab Emirates as a country.

Heavy-duty dressing - Sun2Surf

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