Monday, 2 April 2007

The Internal Security Department Uses Hotmail?

I nearly died laughing.

Don't ask me how, but I happened to stumble across Blueheeler's site, which interestingly documents parliamentary stupidity of both Malaysia and Singapore.

But what AMUSED me to no end was this post which describes an email that Blueheeler received, supposedly from Singapore's Internal Security Department:

Dannythis is the ISD

Singapore’s Internal Security Department.

We want yo uto take your blog Blue Heeler off the internet or stern action will follow because of your political opinions.

take note.

This is our last warning to you.

Oh dear. :)

I don't think Singapore’s Internal Security Department would be quite so amused to be misrepresented by an idiot who can't spell or type properly.

And more importantly, one who doesn't have the presence of mind to know that Hotmail, convenient as it can be for PDA users, is NOT the preferred mode of official communication.

Blueheeler did not even bat an eyelash. His response:

If this is from the ISD, then I’m Madonna, from the ‘Like A Virgin’ days. Ooooh, I’m shivering in my fishnet stockings…!

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