Sunday, 15 April 2007

The Lure

Now I know that the United States of America does have a lottery for immigrants, but I've always wondered if this USAFIS is legitimate.

The government lottery application is free but USAFIS demands payment upfront.

The ad seems all innocent-like. On the surface.

The United States government offers 50,000 permanent Green Cards this year.

You can win a green card to Reside and Work in the United States (Amerika Syarikat)...

Special Bonus - Free Flight Tickets to the USA for the winners!

Click here for further information.

Yes, I checked it out. About 5 years ago.

They seem to be pretty serious, to the extent of translating it into Malay. Is that some effort to make us feel at home, I wonder.

However, most immigrants to the US, at least from Malaysia, would at least have a reasonably good grasp of the English language.

Those who don't speak English enough to understand this advertisement would be the uneducated terrorist types, anyway.

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