Friday, 6 April 2007

My Dog Will Blog

Yes, you heard that right. If you try to stiffle my rights to blog, I will train even my dog to blog.

So a government minister has proposed that Malaysian bloggers be required to register in an effort to control anonymous posts with malicious content.

I like that word - control. It sums up what the government is all about. And now the government is fearful. It is unaccustomed to facing the Malaysians who think and are unafraid to question.

So to justify this unmitigated attempts to control, they pull out their favourite trump card - national security.


With all this blogging, we're going to be seized with the urge to find random models and blow them up with C4s. Blogging tends to have that effect, I suppose. So don't mind us.

Even Najib has been quoted to have commented that:

..bloggers have made the "business of government more challenging" and in some instances, caused unnecessary distraction.


You mean, we give you customer feedback for FREE and you're complaining?

Marina Mahathir has an interesting take on why the particular minister with the ingenious proposal has tunnel vision when it comes to a genuine issue (freedom of speech) like this:

Because they are Katak Bawah Tempurung. Yep, Shaziman's ministry has the unfortunate abbreviation of KTAK, which reminds us of katak. :)

It evidently reminded Jeff Ooi who sternly admonished us against confusing them for frogs. :) Not.

Simply put, these frogs have surfaced from under their coconut shell for their short stint of fame.

You've gotta love them. Really.

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mob1900 said...

Paw-print MyKad,
That's what they will give out to register your K-9.

*training my wall geckos to blog too, damn sticky fingers they have, kept typing in CAPS.

Crankshaft said...

I don't doubt it. :)

I wonder if I can train my garden-variety frog to blog.