Monday, 9 April 2007

National Alliance Of Bloggers

Now I hadn't realised we were THIS big.

I happened to be hanging around 3540 Jalan Sudin when I saw the post (FYI - All-Blogs Going Places) about news of the National Alliance of Bloggers spreading like wildfire.

Jeff Ooi has a pretty comprehensive list in NAB: An avalanche of good press & unified tone - it's quite a whopper!

I guess it isn't all that surprising, really.

Even my mother has heard of it. And when people like my mother hear about it (and independently at that) then one gets round to figuring it might be a little bigger than one would've initially imagined.

Some of my favourites (though they originate from the same source):
Malaysian political bloggers form alliance - MSNBC
Malaysian Bloggers Form Alliance - Forbes
Malaysian Bloggers Form Alliance - The Age
Malaysian Bloggers Form Alliance - The Washington Post

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