Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Thanks To DAP!

Now this is unprecedented. The Chinese voters of Machap have taken out an ad in the newspapers to thank DAP. :)

From the online version of The Sun:

Villagers fork out RM1,455 to thank DAP by Giam Say Khoon

PETALING JAYA (April 20, 2007): About 70 Machap Baru "grateful" villagers today resorted to a "Fancy It" way to thank the DAP for contesting in the recently concluded Machap by-election in Malacca.

They passed the hat around to collect about RM1,455 and placed a "Thank-you" advertisment that was published in Sin Chew Daily today.

For the DAP, it was the first time that the party has received such a response from the electorates, though it contested the seat with little hope of winning. However, it managed to garner more Chinese votes compared with in the 2004 General Election.

A check with Sin Chew showed that the 10cm X 11cm black and white advertisment cost the villagers RM1,455.30, before discount if any.

Basically, the villagers thanked the DAP for "forcing" the Barisan Nasional (BN) to spend money and bring "development funds" to the villages in Machap.

Translation of the advertisement:

Thank you DAP

The villagers of Machap Baru would like to thank DAP for participating in the Machap by-election, enabling us to enjoy various allocations, benefits and treatments, like building a recreational park, upgrading road, lamp, and irrigation system, building low-cost houses, upgrading the Machap clinic as well as allocations for three Chinese primary schools in the area.

In the past 50 years, the villagers have never been given the chance to enjoy all these infrastructure development.

Because of the by-election, the villagers' lives have changed drastically, it is a blessing for the villagers and we hereby thank the DAP. - From a group of grateful Machap Baru villagers.

So is that the extent of the Opposition's role in the elections? Merely to goad BN to take positive action?

When contacted, DAP's losing candidate Liou Chen Kuang thanked the villagers for their support for putting up the advertisement.

"Obviously, the advertisement consisted some sarcasm against the BN. The infrastructures problems were already there for quite some time.

Well, duh. But the fact remains that the Chinese are still the minority when it comes to constituency. Their votes are just NOT enough to get you a seat, you loser!

This is the issue I have with DAP. The overview of their rhetoric - equality for all - is appealing but their appeal is limited to the Chinese. They simply do not go out to gain the support of the other races.

Which is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY if you want to be elected.

Evidently DAP is quite content to remain The Opposition forever.

A villager who wanted to remain as anonymous and who contributed to the advertisment, told theSun by phone that the villagers had chipped in for the advertisement to thank the DAP sincerely.

"We also want to tell MCA that they should keep their promises made during elections. If it was not for the DAP which made a lot of noise, we would not have all the infrastructure problems resolved," he said.

The villager also said the government should not neglect the people once the election was over and they should continue to answer the people's call.

Now this villager can be safely assumed to be a VILLAGE IDIOT. The gullible notion that BN would even bother once the election is over would be hilarious if not sad.

When will the people ever learn?

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