Friday, 27 April 2007

Tone Down Or Not?

I've been a little busy the past few days and have not had the time to respond properly to the myriad of views concerning the role of All-Blogs in Ijok.

I can understand why DAP has turned out the way it has. Why they can never win any major election, save a constituency or two with majority Chinese voters.

It's the mentality. Not just of the politicians but of the voters as well.

Jun E responds to my comment regarding her post. She says, "But All-Blogs should NOT go to Ijok and create a ruckus, or like Stephen says, a mob."

I'm not sure where Susan and I gave the impression we wanted to start a riot over there.

I merely suggested All-Blogs go over and show the people of Ijok that we are real people (not cyber-spam), and that we can have opposing views on the internet which they might want to explore.

Again, that was then.

I forget that Ijok is not upper-class Bangsar, Ampang or Damansara.

I forget Ijok has an influx of village idiots, whose minds would be a feat of mammoth proportions to engage.

If even two innocent photographers having a simple meal with an Opposition candidate can trigger unmitigated violence from our ruling party, to be honest, I don't know what to expect with All-Blogs physically being in Ijok.

However, I still don't like the way the direction of All-Blogs is going. We're becoming too pacifist. And yes, like ShanghaiStephen says, Jun-E has worded her reasons guardedly.

He may have been complimenting her, but being guarded is not good. Being careful is, but not guarded. And that's what we're becoming. The government's threats against us do seem to be working subconsciously. As much as we deny that we will step down, we are buckling under the pressure.

June-E says, "Its members can do whatever they like, but NOT under the name of All-Blogs."

I wonder, what exactly is it that All-Blogs CAN do? Have picnics by the lake?

It's not that every single Malaysian blogger should be united on an issue. We won't. We just won't. We naturally have different opinions. Sheih gets all drama mama in Susan's blog about being stabbed, butchered and whatnot. :)

But I agree with him completely when he says, "..we must be prepared to cherish the differences because there is so little consensus within us."


bamboo river said...

Crankshaft, I believe if you had read thru Susan's blog, you might discover more in detail about what you had posted. BTW, I am four eyed coming to using bifocal...maybe it will help if your black background with blue and red letters to be change? I had difficulty reading the words. Sorry about this. Cheers.

Crankshaft said...

And I am actually colour blind so I can't really see the scheme. :) I'll see what I can do about it.

What should I have discovered about my posting?

鬼佬 said...

I dunno. For some reason I really cannot get excited about Malaysian politics. I remember someone calling someone recalcitrant so many years ago.

bakaq a.k.a ~penarik beca said...

Dearest Crankshaft (i'm not at ease with this name for a lady)

Where have you been?! i,m here everyday, you know?!