Sunday, 15 July 2007

Word Verification

I have no illusions of what Word Verification thinks of me, exactly.

Now I'm into a couple of swear words upon extreme provocation every now and then, which come to think of it, is rather often considering the state of Malaysian affairs.

I digress.

However, the word 'hell' keeps popping up a little too often for comfort.

Not to mention every other metropolitan from Malaysia has a profile on any random social networking site and states his/her location as "kay hell".

Being born and bred in KL, I don't figure this city is all that bad, really. But I could be wrong. :)

Then we have another word that could mean, among others, either a street drug or a foolish and ignorant person.

Neither meanings promote positive feelings, though I'm sure some may beg to differ.

However, I'm fairly certain both words describe certain Malaysian politicians.

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