Wednesday, 17 October 2007

The Animal Has A Name!

Thai police named him as Christopher Paul Neil after a worldwide appeal by Interpol using reconstructed images of his face.

I blogged about him only some days ago when interpol decided to circulate photos of him to the public to help in the search.

How they painstakingly managed to piece back the digitally altered images is beyond me. Bloody Germans. They're wizards when it comes to technology! The reconstructed photos were posted on Interpol's website.

Turns out the ruse worked.

Three days after Interpol published the pictures, Christopher Neil fled his home in South Korea and flew to Bangkok. Thai police believe he has not yet crossed the border, but all neighbouring countries have been notified just in case he gives them the slip.

What is really scary is that he was an English teacher and had all the access to children he could have ever wanted or needed.

Police have been hunting the bastard for three whole years, ever since German police found online pictures of him abusing under-age Asian boys.

And yes, it would be Asians. After all, they're plentiful and expendable anyway.

Police name suspected paedophile on the run in Thailand - Times Online
Thai police name suspected web paedophile - Guardian Unlimited


Keir said...

With the lunatics and sociopaths we have hired at my school over the past 6 years, this comes as no surprise to me at all.

Anonymous said...

"And yes, it would be Asians. After all, they're plentiful and expendable anyway."


Crankshaft said...

No kidding.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that special?
Thai police arrest a suspect in their country. A country filled to the brim with pedophelia. Where you can buy young boys like fresh chicken at the market. I hope the entire country gets wiped out by a tsunami.
Mike Shirley

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you regarding the comment on the tsunami! Having sex with young boys in Thailand means nothing to's a regular practice. That's why that crazy m'fer went there in the first place...everyone knows that's where you go for that.


Rox said...

Yeah, those damn Germans! Everything they do is so reliable! I think we should invite them to take over Nurin's case. Her killer/s will be caught before the month is over!

Crankshaft said...

Mike and Val,

Thailand has a booming sex trade, no different from Southwark, London, or Amsterdam or Las Vegas or New Orleans.

The only problem with Thailand is the law enforcement. Considering people from all over the world come to Thailand, having a tsunami wipe out the country would be of no use.

Why don't we have a tsunami wipe out the whole world for good measure?