Saturday, 20 October 2007

At The Crossroads - Malaysia

I got this link in my email a while back. It was a rather long video called At The Crossroads - Malaysia on youtube that someone had made of the religious conflict in Malaysia.

It sickened all of us who saw it. To think of 50 years of meaningless "unity" -- frankly, it is a farce of what harmony actually means.

You know?


I didn't know Islam condones lying, sir.

Though it wouldn't be the first time he's lying, folks.

He is the one and the same Mufti who was guilty of inciting racial hatred when he carelessly repeated a false accusation over the baptising of some Indian estate children at a church in Ipoh.

This incident happened on Nov 5 at the Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Jalan Silibin, Ipoh where a large group of Muslims gathered outside the church on being informed via the SMS sent by our good Mufti that Azhar Mansor was to baptise a group of Muslims there.

A riot nearly broke out over careless rumours.

But forget about religious conversions.

Imagine what would happen if the Indians and Chinese said that Malays were bullying them? Kerises would be waved, stones would be thrown, blood be shed, riots and destruction would be everywhere.

Kenzo12 sums it up in his comment:

I am a Malaysian and am so ashamed and have no confidence in Malaysia. We are supposed to be a multicultural society with equal rights. When i see those advertisements about tourism Malaysia...theyre trying to sell Malaysia as so harmonious and sad....i feel so fake.

Me too, Kenzo. Me too.


Setan Gondrong said...

The guy talks out of his ass all the time. He should be in the Tanjung Rambutan asylum instead of the Mufti office in Perak. While it's easy to say just ignore him but his words do carry a lot of weight with some segments of the society. The fact that he has never been reprimanded by the UMNO leadership for all his outrageous racist and bigoted statements is even more depressing and says a lot about the true nature of the party.

Crankshaft said...

Yes, the fact that his words carry a lot of weight is what bothers me.

I can accept it from a politician but for a religious leader to start spewing racism is very vexing indeed.