Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Have We Reached Boiling Point?

I am suggesting no riot - God forbid something like that happen.

But I would hope to all hopes that a few, at least a few Malaysians would finally say the magic word: ENOUGH.

And yes, enough is enough.

In fact, it is more than enough.

Malaysia is in a mess like it has never been before.

There has not been a time when corruption was this blatant and rampant, in spite of the promises of eradicating (or at least attempting to) it.

Sadly, the attempts were so feeble that the corrupt and wicked among us have been emboldened.

The people have been threatened. The bloggers. The dissenters. The lawyers. Even the Supreme Ruler, our Agong has not been spared from rebuke for refusing to renew the appointment of the Chief Justice.


And we need change like we never have before.

Everyday, we citizens get up early in the morning to face the traffic jam. The traffic jam caused by the lack of proper roads systems. Lack of proper train transportation networks.


Because the money that has been allocated in the transportation budget has gone to pay for items at ludicrously expensive prices. Or to pay for someone's unnecessary overseas, factoring all the even more unnecessary consorts.

But, you're still paying tax. Except you're not getting the value for the service that you're paying for.

You probably get out of that traffic jam only to head straight for the toll booth where you fork out some hard earned cash to travel on roads that aren't all that great to begin with. The prices will increase in the very near future.

If the jam wasn't too bad, you head straight for the parking lot of your office. If not, make a detour at the petrol station to fill up that ageing Proton of yours that guzzles petrol like some old drunk during Happy Hour.

You think that hurts your pocket? The prices will increase in the very near future.

I don't need to remind you that the process repeats itself after work, of course.

Things will not change unless YOU decide it should.

Unless you decide that you want reform. For yourself, for your spouse and children, for your parents, for your friends and those you love.

You can make a difference.

You can initiate the change by letting the right people know you want it.

By gathering at Dataran Merdeka to march to the Istana Negara. By sacrificing one afternoon. Just one.

Think about your money.

Think about your time.

Think about your future.

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