Friday, 19 October 2007

Observations Of The Navel Officer

It appears that the occasional navel-gazing yields literary inspiration.

A certain officer of the midriff gives his opinion on why our Angkasawan is NOT an astronaut.

Sitting in a fighter jet and bringing a briefcase doesn't make one an 'airman' or fighter pilot.

Travelling on a destroyer or in a submarine with a Sony handycam doesn't make one a sailor or seaman, because it's a trip, not a career or full time profession.

Flying to the ISS carrying Malaysian food for 'scientific experiments' will not qualify one for astronaut or scientist status.

This is exactly what I've been trying to tell folks, except I needed 5 posts and finally a stumble into a particular former office jock's site. :)

I do hope that all those people with low self-esteem get a boost, because it's costing a lot of taxpayer money. Good money which could be put to better use, in my opinion.

I'm tired of those pretty boy jokes myself.

I'm tired of the personal attacks on the man who volunteered to be blasted (in more ways than one) off and who will inevitably achieve a Datuk title.

I'm tired that whatever the achievement, it becomes racial.

Like KTemoc says, this has deepened our social rifts. No Indian or Chinese that I know of even watched the launch. Few of us could care less.


The Indians and Chinese do not see it as a Malaysian thing. They see it as the exemplification of Ketuanan Melayu.

Except we don't believe in the supremacy part. Unfortunately, we indulge it.

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