Thursday, 18 October 2007

Samy V Is Worried.

The man most of us know as Semi Value is apparently concerned about the Malaysian-Indian community.

Now this is a first.

But bear with me. The unexpected does happen at times when you least expect it.

Samy boy's grouse stems from the notion (or attempt to portray Indians as living comfortably due to his strong leadership, I presume) that too many Malaysian Indians are becoming couch potatoes.

Astro is to be blamed for this atrocity.

“With Astro introducing more Indian channels, such as Chutti TV and Makkal TV, my worry is that the viewers may become couch potatoes from watching the many drama series.

“Malaysian Indians now have more channels than they bargained for.”

You don't say.

Damned Indians!! Those demanding people. They always get EVERYTHING they ask for.

I swear they're taking over the country these days.

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