Saturday, 24 November 2007

HINDRAF Gets International Publicity

The publicity is massive.

You don't even need a PR Officer for this with the Malaysian tin-pot-dictatorship government doing such a splendid job of it.

From the International Herald Tribune to BBC and heaps of other news sites online, as of now, over 50 articles have been dedicated to this protest, which contrary to public opinion is NOT against the British, but the Malaysian tin-pot-dictatorship government.

Heck, this is the news that sells.

Malaysian curiosity has been piqued.

What is the government trying to hide? Why the overwhelming effort to stop this gathering which is supposed to be peaceful.

Ethnic Indians, mainly Hindus, form one of Malaysia's largest minority groups. Activists say more than two-thirds of them live in poverty, partly because they are deprived of opportunities by affirmative action policies that favor the ethnic Malay Muslim majority.

There will undoubtedly be violence. After all, what does one Indian death - or for that matter 100 Indian deaths - matter? No one cares.

But the world will be watching.

Malaysia Hindu activists arrested - British Broadcasting Corporation

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