Monday, 5 November 2007

HINDRAF Seeks Protection From The British!

I got this in my email a while back, addressed to all Malaysian Indians:

Dear Malaysian Indians,

A class action on behalf of Malaysian Indians has been filed at The Royal Court of Justice in London on 30th August 2007 to sue the UK Government for bringing in Indians as indentured labourers into Malaya and exploiting them for 150 years, thereafter failing to protect the minority Indian rights in The Federal constitution when independence was granted.

Hence, making Malaysian Indians a permanently colonialized society until today.

A petition with 100,000 signatures to be presented to Her Royal Highness the Queen of England to appoint Her Majesty's Queen Counsels to represent the poor, underclass, oppressed and suppressed Malaysian Indians would be presented at the British High Commission as follows:

Date : 25th November 2007 (Sunday)
Time: 9am
Venue: British High Commission
185, Jalan Ampang, 50450, Kuala Lumpur.

Democratic minded citizens of all races are urged to attend and show the British Government that we are united and serious in our demand for justice and protection as subjects of The Commonwealth.

Further information please contact

Kindly please attend and to show we stand together for our rights as Malaysian Indians.

I had to hold my sides laughing! HINDRAF is a class act!!

Firstly, they seem to be rather confused. They cannot make up their mind if they want to sue the British government or seek protection from them.

Secondly, they single-handedly have managed to imply that the Malaysian government is grossly incapable of providing for its citizens to the point of requiring British intervention!

Not only that, HINDRAF obviously considers the Malaysian government as completely insignificant.

Oh dear. :)


Axinar said...

Well, now you do know our African-Americans have filed complaints with the UN on a number of occasions about their treatment under OUR government.

Sounds like this HINDRAF is just a little confused is all ...

Crankshaft said...

It's just that HINDRAF has elevated confusion to an artform.

wanlin said...

come on Hindraf, u wanna sue British for one million for each Malaysian Indian each Malaysian Indian can be a millionaire? You're doing it as if every other races here in Malaysia are millionaires...........

and not forgetting that the 2nd richest man in Malaysia is an Indian. Yes, INDIAN..........

Crankshaft said...

Nah, no one is seriously going to hand over a million bucks for every Indian-Malaysian citizen.

However, in general as a race the Indians are very much sidelined and impoverished in Malaysia.

They're completely ignored - it's about time they got folks to sit up and notice, even if takes traffic jams and rallies on a peaceful Sunday morning.

concerned malaysian indian said...

so you are trying to say that we should not stand up for our rights.?we are also born and brought up in this country.why shouldnt we proclaim our rights?and for your information,HINDRAF wants to sue the British goverment.they are not seeking protection from them but they are seeking a counsel to look over the indians in malaysia as a remedy.and as said above having one millionaire is not what we want.being a millionaire isnt what we want.we want our rights in the land we were born and to have a comforatble life for the tax we are paying.and having ONE INDIAN millionaire isnt what we are striving many other races millionaires do you have but you want to pinpoint that one particular indian millionaire.?can you show me another indian who is a millionaire?i find that extremly stupid.we just want our rights and whats the goverments problem if we are suing the british goverment?because you know why.the whole"window dressing" thing they have created all this while,shushing our problems and pushing it under the rug,is now open to the whole people are actually gonna know whats happening in malaysia.and another thing i want to say is that,what is wrong with our indian politicians?why are they trying to save themselves by criticising when they themselve know whats going on and that discrimination is so open in the country?but then again we are not protesting against the goverment nor going against the constituition.this a whole different business.and if this is a country that truly practices democracy,then let citizens voice out their dissatisfaction.please.

Crankshaft said...

Good luck in your fight, mate! :)