Monday, 19 November 2007

The ISA Threat!

And the threat has been declared, ladies and gentlemen! The fearsome ISA is being used to scare Malaysians crapless again.

It is very evident that the government is in state of frenzy! Every lie they provide seems to be met with contradictory proof.

And after all these years, the silly Malaysians refuse to have their legs pulled anymore,damn them!

The government is confident that Saturday's street protest will not deteriorate into a situation that will require the government to enforce the Internal Security Act (ISA), Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

"Hopefully not. For as long as the people observe the laws of the nation, we will be able to manage the situation," he told reporters after launching the CIMB Foundation here.

Najib who was responding to a question whether the government would resort to using the ISA to curtail street rallies if the situation worsens in the near future, again appealed to Malaysians to observe the law and avoid participating in illegal gatherings.

In other words, "do as we say and we won't haul your ass to jail regardless of whether your actions are legitimate or not."

He also stressed that the government would continue to act in accordance with the law in dealing with such situations, regardless of the criticism that the government was preventing people from voicing their views.

"As far as the government is concerned, we and the police will apply the law.

"We have to manage things in a way that people will have continued confidence in the government."

You gotta be kidding. Since when did anyone have confidence in the government?? That's a chronic case of denial, if I've ever seen one.

Najib said what was important was for the government to protect the interest of the masses and to provide them a sense of security and that everything was under control.

"We'll not let people exploit things, because we do not want anything to deteriorate into becoming uncontrollable or cause racial tension."

In other words, UMNO has sole and exclusive rights to racism. Spiffy.


Vijay Kumar said...

I wonder if they'll use the ISA against 'leuchtturm3' for possibly spoiling their chances of getting Pulau Batu Putih.

But then again, doesn't our government say that we shouldn't believe everything that's just jotted down on a blogsite :)

Check out

Crankshaft said...

Hi Vijay,

I checked it out. Only our government would do something so stupid. :)

Ironic, isn't it? They have so much faith in blogs.