Friday, 9 November 2007

Malaysia Among Top Nations

Now this is a hoot of a news article that The Star has been running, as part of the coverage of the UMNO general assembly.

I have no beef with Malaysia being great.

I just find the thought of UMNO claiming credit for Malaysia's success more than just a little revolting.

Almost as much as that vile little keris.

Malaysia among top nations

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno has built Malaysia from one of the poorest countries at its independence to one of the most successful nations of the world, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

He said this showed that the party had done more than lead the Government for 52 years.

Really? Like what? Gross wastage of funds? Corruption? Racial discrimination? That's a tremendous contribution, I'd say.

“When we gained independence, we were ranked among the poorest countries in the world. Now we are one of the most successful with an average growth rate of 6.3% per annum.

“We are also classified today as a high human development index nation. Our nominal per capita income is RM20,900 – a 26-fold increase from Merdeka,” he said.

The party president also told delegates that the government’s policy of encouraging private sector growth had resulted in total trade exceeding RM1tril for the first time early this year.

He said a positive balance of payment for 109 months had also been recorded.

To begin with, this bit of information cannot be verified. And thus, it has to be dismissed as mere spin-doctor crap.

However, the fact that the private sector has been able to generate RM1tril in trade proves that the kudos go to the Chinese community - NOT to the government, which has been doing everything in its power to ensure the Chinese do not get too wealthy.

The country’s foreign reserves, he added, currently stood at US$98.2bil (RM327bil) while the Kuala Lumpur Composite Index has reached historic heights, touching 1,413 points.

Malaysia acquired another feather in its cap when it was recognised by the World Economic Forum as the fifth most competitive country in Asia, he said.

"These achievements are the result of our willingness to work hard."

OUR WILLINGNESS? Please. You're not Chinese. And you certainly haven't been working hard, unless you count those forty winks you're prone to having as work.

“With the commitment of party members and solid backing of the people, with the understanding of the public sector and in partnership with the private sector, I am confident that our competitiveness and productivity will continue to improve,” he said.

Abdullah said in the Islamic capital markets, Malaysia accounted for two-thirds of the world’s Islamic bonds amounting to US$47bil (RM156.5bil).

He said Malaysia had liberalised the Islamic finance sector to encourage the participation of foreign banking institutions, capital markets and takaful.

“We are also committed to becoming a world-class halal hub. The Government has been active in promoting the products and services of Halal Malaysia, while strengthening its halal certification,” he said.

Yep. The obligatory Islam interjection to sound suitably pious and sanctimonious while gathering Muslim votes.

Highly impressive.

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