Sunday, 25 November 2007

Police Tear-Gas And Spray Chemicals On Protestors

There's much more action down at the frontlines. Al-Jazeera has the news: Ethnic Indians protest in Malaysia

Evidently, this time, the crowd has been generously returning the tear-gas cannisters to the FRU who have launched or fired it at them. :)

"It's really quite phenomenal scenes, given that this is a country that claims to be an open democracy."

- Hamish MacDonald, Al-Jazeera.

I reckon you haven't seen much of those in your career, mate. I've lived here 28 years and this is the first time I'm seeing them.

Oh... and what democracy??

There is nothing complicated about this situation. All the protestors want to do is march peacefully to the British High Commission to deliver their memorandum, after which they will definitely disperse.

I have it on good knowledge that every single road leading into the city is jammed for miles because of roadblocks and FRU units cordoning off the area!

And the only reason why this persists is because the police (as ordered by the ineffectual government) are preventing the protestors from doing what they want and need to do.

In other words, the completely unnecessary traffic jam, destruction and mounting violence stems SOLELY from the government itself and its obvious inability to govern a nation.

I'm fairly certain this protest is going to turn bloody.


galadriel said...

Oh...u saw it too. Heheh. nice playing catch ah? I got chummy enuff with an FRU chap who showed me the canister.

made by Federal Labs in Pennsylvania. We give the Yanks all kinda business...heheh.

Crankshaft said...

Oh yeah, they almost looked like they were having fun. :)

I'm almost beginning to believe Indians are genetically predisposed to having talent for cricket, hence the good catch and subsequent volley!

You certainly have PR skills. :) I wouldn't have minded catching a glimpse of the fearsome cannister myself.

Made in the USA, why am I not surprised? For all the anti-American comments, the government certainly gives them a lot of business.