Sunday, 25 November 2007

Washington Post On HINDRAF Rally

You know you've finally made it big when you catch the attention of the Washington Post.

And finally, we did - with the HINDRAF protest.

No matter who gets thrown behind bars, or injured, the world has seen the Malaysian communist-dictatorship government for what it is - a despicable, selfish, corrupted and evil organisation.

In its report, the Washington Post (courtesy of Reuters) makes some astute observations which were once merely internal knowledge.


Police had taken the unusual step of securing a court order preventing anyone from attending the rally. Offenders, including journalists, could face more serious penalties than would be the case under laws against illegal assembly.

The Internal Security Ministry has instructed the local press to refrain from reporting about the banned rally.

Malaysia bans public assemblies of more than five people without a police permit. In practice, police deny permits to anti-government protests but often issue them for protests aimed at foreign governments, such as the United States.

Yes. The glaring double-standard shines through. How come there was suddenly complete disregard for safety and public inconvenience such as traffic jams when UMNO Youth protested Condoleeza Rice's presence??

The ethnic Indian group's core complaint, that the current government has done little to better the community's standard of living, has riled the administration, which only two weeks ago cracked down on a protest by about 10,000 people demanding electoral reform.

It certainly riled the administration which set about finding reasons to arrest the leaders of this protest, blocking roads on a grand scale (which caused humongous traffic jams) to punish the citizens who are sympathetic to protests and even condone them.

Oh, and this is democracy, Malaysian style.

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