Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Charging 26 Indians With Murder??

But .... murder???

The Malaysian dictatorship government doesn't want to be outdone.

In the spirit of Malaysia Boleh, it is charging 26 ethnic Indians with attempted murder in connection with the HINDRAF anti-discrimination rally.

Folks. We are BEYOND boleh!! Heck, this mythical policeman with the few miserable stitches on his head from being attacked with bricks and iron pipes is DA BOMB!!! I wanna meet him!! I wanna shake his hand!! I wanna get his autograph!!

He makes triple-H look like a wuss. The Rock is a sissy next to him. Cena is a ninny. Stone Cold is a wimp. They could never take on 26 guys all at one time.

Not our cop. He must be one heck of a tough dude. Imagine being able to fight off 26 guys who were hell-bent on murdering him and living to tell the tale.

Not one, not two, but twenty-freaking-six men!!!

BN government boys, you are something else, you know that?

Seriously. You protest over HINDRAF's exaggeration, but then top it up with a gross exaggeration of your own?

I can understand HINDRAF needs all the attention it can get, but haven't you government boys had more than your fair share of attention from the international media these past few days???

Provoke and expect to receive the consequences. You hurl tear-gas at peaceful protestors, douse them in chemical juice, kick them for no particular reason and expect them to smile and wave at you???

Good Lord.

We have too many village idiots in this country.


20 Cent said...

Good lord, this fellow again: "Attorney General Abdul Gani Patail said the policeman received stitches on his head after being attacked with bricks and iron pipes".

We all know that Attorney General Abdul Gani Patail has 'never' lied, so we must all just nod our heads and get buggered like the good - but stupid - citizens we are, right?

Bloody morons.

Crankshaft said...

Oh yeah, he speaks nothing but the truth so help me God.