Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The KL-Putrajaya Highway

I decided to muster some courage and try out the new KL-Putrajaya highway today. :)

This is part of the infamous KL-Putrajaya, the construction of which royally pissed off residents of Sri Petaling over the blatant disregard for regulations by the developer.

But it's up and functional, new and spanky, and heck, am I impressed!

I will have to pass by 2 toll booths before I reach my destination, but in spite of my rather slow driving (I was admiring the view among other things), I still reached the office a good 10 minutes faster.

From my estimation, it is also 9 whole kilometres shorter for me. Throw in the fact that I don't slow down at traffic jams or random traffic lights (except to pay for toll at 2 separate booths) and I reckon I get to save a considerable amount of fuel.

This is an excellent election win-over engineered by Barisan Nasional especially for the government servants who live in KL and work in Putrajaya.

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