Saturday, 15 December 2007

Memorandum Of The Silent Majority

It appears that the silent majority have been killing a whole lot of trees to come up with a memorandum that thick (not to mention ludicrously fake).

Honestly, I do wonder who the silent majority really are.

152 year old men?

Or maybe 4 year old girls?

One of the 227 people who live in one shoplot in some vague god-forsaken village that has a total population of 200?

Because they sure as hell haven't asked me to sign the damn memorandum. Wise of them, because I'd be more inclined to shred it to pieces than lend my signature to anything that vile.

Yes, I have met the selfish people who need BN to remain in power so they get their contracts and the attached benefits.

I have met the businessmen who really don't care about human rights as long as they drive a Mercedes Benz E Class, live in Damansara Heights, and enjoy their vacation trips to Macau on a yearly basis.

I've also met those anxious not to be associated with terrorist groups or members of a particular ethnicity.

But I doubt they were falling over themselves to sign any memorandum, especially one that has evidently made a sudden and miraculous appearance.

It irks me that BN thinks we're THAT stupid.

So do me a favour, folks. My pal Walski has a new online poll on his site.

Get yer ass over there and confirm with some other decent citizens if you are one of those who have been deliberately misrepresented.

Let us know if you are part of the silent majority that "Damai Malaysia" claims to speak for.

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