Friday, 14 December 2007

Reluctant To Use ISA!

We finally got our mention in the New York Times.

And we have completely lost the "stable and racially harmonious" image. It was about time, too. I was getting sick of trying to live up to such a fake image.

Truly Asia, my foot!

It hasn't been too good on the economic side though. According to Forbes, Malaysian shares have closed lower - and very possibly because of our political turmoil. Investors are obviously jittered.

I'm not overly worried. Even if we completely crash, I'm confident we Malaysians have what it takes to build up again from scratch.

What is important is that we remove the cancer within us - the scourge of racism that is the backbone of Barisan Nasional policies.

In one of the numerous interviews (in which he predictably made himself look stupid, I suppose), Syed Hamid Albar said the government was "very reluctant to use the ISA". Reluctant?

Ya gotta be kidding me.

They couldn't wait for it to be implemented - allowing these guys to walk about free men is equivalent to displaying the all the nasty skeletons in the closet. Damage control - vapourise them.

Only problem being, the cops may have run out of C4 explosives from the previous operation. No fear, send the annoying HINDRAF boys to Kamunting, and firmly out of the public eye.

Sound easy to you?

The same fool who represents Malaysia as its foreign minister said the ISA was only implemented when the government felt the security and safety of the country was at stake.

Yes, our security and safety ARE at stake. But only because the Barisan Nasional government is allowed loose to spread its racist propaganda, which makes Uthayakumar sound like a mild lamb.

The foreign minister wedges his foot more firmly in his mouth. "So I think ultimately this is the best thing to do, to allay the fear of the public."

Even the foreign journalists can't be so stupid to fall for that. The ISA is poised to set fear in the hearts of protestors, to scare them into silence for fear of falling under the same act themselves.

His sleeping boss makes an accurate observation, albeit in the wrong context. "The people don't want to see this country in chaos."

We certainly don't want chaos. But it's too late. We have been in chaos for too long now.

It's time to change.

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