Sunday, 6 January 2008

Been Awarded!

Oh yeah, I'm thrilled!! :)

And I'm finally over and done with being speechless too!

Now I'm aware that I have a fairly decent number of hits to my page, thanks to services of my good ole sitemeter, but I didn't know folks appreciated my writing, much less understood the disgruntled ramblings.

So it was quite a pleasant surprise when I discovered that I was awarded "Blogger to watch" with the comments A young Malaysian hope. You'r on my blog-roll, IF I had one ...

And to Rox, who has made my day - hell, probably my month - I love ya, baby!!! And thank you so much. :)

Happy reading.


Frankensteina said...

Hey congratulations! :) This is good news.

intan said...

congrats! i frequent your blog regularly.

Crankshaft said...

Thank you. :)

stupidmalaysia said...

congratulations !!

Crankshaft said...

thanks, man! :)