Thursday, 3 January 2008

"Holier Than Thou"

Malaysian ministers are highly entertaining, especially those that belong to BN.

You see, most Malaysians have this perceived sense of importance in the world and they think everyone knows about them and their accomplishments.

Unfortunately the reverse is true, and so they have set about trying to create the tallest, longest, biggest, fastest, first. Whatever. Most of the time, our achievements (if you can call it that) are recorded solely by our local media, which usually goes to town with it.

But our ministers and politicians gain international recognition.

Tourism minister Tengku Adnan had various terms of endearment shovelled on him after calling all Malaysian bloggers unemployed women in a lame attempt to scare/intimidate men off blogging. Suffice to say, it did not result in success.

Information minister Zainuddin Maidin showed us the right way to bumble through live interviews with foreign correspondents.

De-facto law minister Nazri Aziz got his star on the idiot walk of fame by telling India to lay-off and mind its own business. Actually he has many more to his credit (or discredit) but to list all may need more volumes than Encyclopedia Britannica.

Foreign minister Syed Hamid Albar got his ass publicly kicked on BBC's Hardtalk before being recognised by Malaysians as one of the most fluent liars on the planet.

But laughter is always the best medicine.

So we have the Health minister Chua Soi Lek to administer some of the dose, albeit in a very unexpected way.

Talk about fame and popularity. Prior to this whole fiasco, I wouldn't have known who the bugger was. But since his face is splashed on almost every daily locally and internationally, I cannot help but have his face imprinted in my memory.

Oh, I'm sure he longs for the days of blissful oblivion.

This guy is something else. Firstly, he is unable to keep his prick in his pants. That is a boo-boo for someone who is affiliated with a party that assumes religious affectations and issues 'pious' statements.

I would SO very much have loved to see their collective sanctimonious faces when this news broke out.

Secondly, (and this is the kicker) he gets sore at the Malaysian public for going to town with this. In the New York Times (and you've got to do something pretty spectacular to make it in there):

He said he regretted that people could not accept his public apology. "Some Malaysians have a holier-than-thou attitude," he said.

Well, Mr Minister, I personally DO have a holier-than-thou attitude. You belong to Barisan Nasional - a bunch of creeps who outdo themselves with religious dos and don'ts.

Discussions of tearing down Christian crosses in mission schools.

Refusing publication rights over the usage of the word 'Allah'.

Stealing bodies of Indian Malaysian heroes and giving them muslim burials.

Tearing down Hindu temples.

Breaking into an American couple's room to check for the possibility of khalwat.

Issuing a summons to a Chinese couple and dragging them to court for holding hands in KLCC, claiming it was indecent.

Refusing to hand over the body of a Chinese woman to her husband unless he acknowledges that she was Muslim.

Refusing to allow a giant Taoist statue to be constructed in Sabah because it is "too near a mosque".

If you have to spout that kind of religious crap, you'd better toe the line when it comes to your actions, because the last time I checked, screwing a woman who is not your wife (even if she was a 'personal friend') is not endorsed by any religion practised in Malaysia.


Anonymous said...


Very well written. Isn't it incredulous that he blames the "Malaysian public" for his inability to keep his post?

Crankshaft said...

Incredulous indeed. He should have kept his mouth shut after the apology.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, you know, if you kept his mouth shut, maybe he would still keep his job, like the guy and girls who

1) profited from APs while screwing the car-buying public

2) headed the RM4.6 billion theft to screw PKFZ

3) screw our highways with cracks, 3 month closures and high-priced consultants

4) illegally build mansions & restaurants in Klang, on land obtained for really cheap from the state thereby screwing the poor

5) fixed the top judge in the country and screwing lawyers and the law everywhere

Yeah, ALL those guys got away scot-free. Chua should have been like them. Then maybe he can invite 100 orphans to spend the night at his mansion too!

multidimid said...

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Crankshaft said...

What's your point, Anonymous?

All those people should not still be in power. It's the apathetic "middle class" that evidently doesn't think those crimes you mentioned above are serious enough to warrant immediate removal.

So you think just because he apologised he should be forgiven immediately?

What pisses me off is not so much that he got couldn't keep his zipper up. Not that he was stupid enough to be caught on tape. Not even that he is with a woman young enough to be his daughter.

It is the fact that he claims Malaysians have a holier than thou attitude, which just goes to show he expected his apology to be accepted and to keep his position as minister.

Roxanne said...

By saying that truth doesn't pay sometimes, we can only assume that Chua regretted that he told the truth. And to think that we all praised him for his admission!

And today, he claimed that he made the mistake of working too hard! Was he also on over-time at the hotel? The moral from his folly is, please people, don't work so hard!

How can we call this man clever - doctor at that - when he just can't shut up? If he hadn't been caught with his pants down, we would still be suffering another idiot minister!

BillyWarhol said...


Lord Help us All!!


Ya gotta love Religious Hypocrites*

Crankshaft said...

Oh yeah, no shutting this guy up! And he's definitely not the brightest light on the christmas tree either.

However, I still think he's not the worst of our ministers. There are still plenty in there who desperately need to be booted out.

Goddamn religious hypocrites.