Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Don't Quit Now, Po Kuan!

Malaysian politics is rife with mostly two types of politicians - the criminals and the cowards.

Now Fong Po Kuan is neither. She was one of those chicks that I loved to laud as tough and indestructible. She sent half the BN fools limping off the battlefield, including those bocor in the head and elsewhere.

Oh, the parliament was a tough place to be. Very rarely does one get the misfortune of being in a roomful of uneducated idiots. But hey, the Malaysian MPs do converge and that's where (somewhere off Jalan Kuching) the collective IQ per square feet drops drastically.

We are trying to raise it sometime next month. But I digress.

My point is, Fong Po Kuan learnt to handle her situations. In other words, she gave as good as she got. And she got very good at being an MP and voicing her opinions.

She's definitely what we need this coming elections. Because the Opposition will never have victory delivered to them in a silver platter like this particular one. Not even close.

But unfortunately, due to politics or personal reasons (she recently got married and they say marriage makes people soft) she has decided to resign and give up her seat to some other guy.

Not good. Not at this time. We REALLY need her.

I don't know if we can change her mind. But we can try.

Go and vote online at Petition to DAP. Perhaps we can influence her decision.

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polytikus said...

i soundly agree with you, bro.