Friday, 22 February 2008

Fong Po Kuan Is Back!!!

And I'm thrilled! :)

Maybe our petition worked after all. Good job, Susan Loone!

On another note, looks like Fong will NOT have to campaign as she has had Najib Tun Razak endorse her as a capable member of parliament.

He [Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak] said the refusal of a capable member of parliament such as Fong Po Kuan to contest in the election showed that there was a serious internal conflict within the party.

I find it so amusing that even the cheap shot at DAP does not worry me the least bit.

Now since the government opinion should count at all costs, you know who to vote for in the Batu Gajah constituency.


polytikus said...

lol. i don't think so lah boss but good try :P

Crankshaft said...

I also don't think so, but occasionally I indulge in a bit of perasan-ness. :)

I'm happy anyway!

susanloone said...

Alahai! Thanks. But you must say thanks to all the signatories lah,not me :)

Also perasan is good. DAP takes online information/campaigns seriously. So who is to say it does or doesnt work :)

Crankshaft said...

I'm one of the signatories lah. :)

Very glad you sent out that email to inform us of the petition. We could forward it and also post it in our blogs very quickly.