Saturday, 16 February 2008

Handling "War Of Roses"

I got this from KL Confidential:

I just wanted to warn some people for tomorrow's Walk of The Roses.

Hope you don't mind. I'm really worried.


Be careful. It’s 2 am now and I just came back home. On the way, I saw soooo many roadblocks and police presence. They are not taking this lightly. As far as I know, they are out in FULL FORCE.

I’m scared. BUT I WILL BE THERE. (Shit scared)

I think the police are getting braver and braver. When this happens, they tend to do really dumb things (not that they have shown any grey matter before)

1. BERSIH 10/11 - We caught them off guard.
2. HINDRAF - They got braver and became violent.
3. HUMAN RIGHTS DAY - They got even more braver because they found out they could get away with arresting lawyers.
4. PROTES - They got even more braver by arresting soo many people.

They are much more insolent and brazen in their approach because they have gotten away with so many things. THEY ARE GETTING BRAVER.

So people, please exercise caution. I worry for you and for myself.. and most of all the children who will be there. No sleep tonight.

I love you, Malaysians.

Ya Allah, please protect us from tyranny and the aggressions of these ruthless people.

Quote from the Qur’an:
“Do not oppress and BE NOT OPPRESSED.”

This child deserves her say.

Thanks for your note, woman.

I actually agree and I think it's a legitimate cause for concern.

It's going to be pretty bad. Especially as it concerns the Indians and you know how they're treated in this country.

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