Thursday, 28 February 2008

Malaysia Needs A Strong Opposition

This is a rather sobering piece by Michael Backman in The Age about our state of affairs and the credibility of our Opposition.

I'm not sure if I agree completely that there are no redeeming qualities associated with the Opposition parties, I certainly believe more can be and should be done to monitor them and help them help us.

Some of the shenanigans of the people we have allowed to take office:

..the Malaysian Government has presided over an extraordinary number of scandals that are appalling by any standards: the trade minister's allocation of car import permits to friends, relatives and supporters; the billion-dollar fraud at the Port Klang Free Trade Zone; the outrageous and much-flaunted wealth of ruling party politician Zakaria Md Deros; the claims that a High Court judge allowed the lawyer representing a rich businessman to write for him his judgement in a defamation lawsuit; an immensely rich chief minister in Sarawak state who is allowed to rule as if it were his; and so on.

Oh yeah, Malaysia needs a strong Opposition.

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