Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Nafikan Dua Pertiga Majoriti

Good ole stupidmalaysia.

I ran into this fellow by accident when I was co-blogging with someone else on a different platform.

The dude lives in the USA. But it's an open secret where his heart lies.

Check out the poem on his site:

Hanya Tiga Setengah tahun, lagipun dengan dua pertiga majoriti,
Tetapi alangkah pengejutnya Pak Lah dan Khairi,
Pilihanraya Umum bulan Mac 2008, apatah lagi, tanpa Datuk Seri Anwar,
Apakah tandusnya keringat Si Luncai dan si Son-In-Law,
terpaksa dengan taktik politik murahan !

Cukuplah, Pak Lah, ini bukan zaman Lima Puluhan, rakyat jahil gilakan P. Ramlee
Kini Tahun 2008, dengan Malaysia-Today dan Malaysiakini,
Rakyat Malaysia, bukan bodoh segalanya,
Rakyat Johor meniti derita air bah
Pak Lah, di Australia rasmi kedai nasi kandar !

Cukuplah Pak Lah, Cukuplah Barisan Nasional,
Rakyat diperbodohkan, selama 50 tahun
Rakyat dipecah-belah, selama 50 tahun
UMNO dan Barisan, gelojoh ! Angkuh !
Rakyat Muflis, bodoh dan jahil
Kuncu Barisan hodoh dan bakhil

Malaysia negara tercinta
Dirogol penuh rakus Barisan Nasional
Negara ini diberkati Tuhan, dipenuhi berkat
Cukup untuk semua, rakyat yang dicinta.
Nafikan haloba Barisan Nasional !
Sipengecut, perogol, pengkhianat negara !


Anonymous said...

However, it's a pathetic political situation alright!! To vote out a racist-fascist from Umno, we need to vote instead another racist-fascist from the double-face Pas. No wise and intelligent alternative for rakyat it seems like. Why are Keadilan, DAP & PSM not contesting in Jerai for example, against that Umno racist/fascist moron so that we've genuine opposition? Not just to gain power from Umno/BN but also to really fight for genuine social justice in the new century of Malaysian politics for the rakyat that encompasses true equality and liberation for all? Besides to de-brainwash the Malay-Muslim masses that equality between all races, religion, class/caste and gender is not just an ideal but should be fundamental reality for anyone who believes in social justice. Ultimately, that's what every religion teaches.

Noor Aza Othman

Crankshaft said...

I think change has to happen consequentially. I would recommend a strategy plan of first eliminating UMNO rule and then rejecting the concept of race-based politics.

I know you have issues with PAS doctrines. However, while they appear to cram religion down our throats, some of them are sincere when it comes to race.

Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

malaysia should just slide into the Ocean mayhem or just poof!

Anonymous said...

malaysia should just slide into the Ocean mayhem or just poof!