Sunday, 17 February 2008

UMNO - Paedophile Central?


Make a comeback?

Who invited this pervert back?

LOL. UMNO is bloody suicidal if they field this guy.

Check out what Aisehman has to say about this fool.

Get lost, Tamby!

Though you gotta laugh at this:

“During my term as Malacca chief minister for 12 years, I did my part to transform a poor state into a vibrant one and I would like to do the same for national politics,” he said.

I have not seen any visible development in Malacca for the past 25 years. Maintenance of our historical sites is poor. There is insufficient explanation of the history behind the buildings and artefacts.

Tourists, especially foreign ones complain after a visit. I know, because I unfortunately bear the brunt of it.

But don't mind me. Back to Rahim Tamby Chik.

His only claim to fame is his paedophilia back in 1998 which few of us want to forget and his less memorable (but still significant) bouts of racism in 2007.

Yep. Bear in mind the government decided not to press statutory rape charges against him - instead choosing to detain his victim, the 15-year-old girl involved for three years in "protective custody".

Guess who gets jailed for speaking out against it?

It's time to bring back justice - through your votes.

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