Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Advertisers, Are You Listening?

I think by now, regular readers of Crankshaft are aware that the blog owner has a very low tolerance for the stupid people of the world.

Very high on that list of stupid people are those behind the mainstream media of Malaysia.

The people running the show behind the stacks of newsprint have had their collective brains so ridiculously short-circuited that they are unable to think beyond what their masters command.

Frankly, I thought the fear-mongering, taking-out-of-context, and just plain nauseous snivelling would end after we denied BN their two-thirds majority.

Turns out I was wrong. Very wrong.

Some say old habits die hard. And our mainstream media have been spinning for their bosses for a very long time. They need to be rehabilitated. Or euthanised.

Last December, a few of us agreed that we should boycott the newspapers. Somehow, we didn't get round to it - possibly because we were busy trying to whip the Opposition into becoming something decent enough that we could vote for.

But the time has come for us to resurrect the plan and put it into motion, because it sure as hell is a good move in possibly having some freedom of press in the distant future.

Officially today, we (that's me and a lot of other smart people) have started by refusing to buy the worthless crap that the mainstream media has the gall to call "news".

But refusing to purchase their tree-killing, habitat-diminishing, global-warmth-inducing bit of pulp fiction isn't going to make a dent on their finances. Barely.

And frankly folks, I don't believe in tickling their sides nor do I indulge in peek-a-boo with their sorry asses. I say bring them to their knees! Go for the jugular!

"How, Crankshaft?" you ask.

Simple. The Advertisers.

Now these folks spend pots of dosh just to get noticed. They're worse than Paris Hilton or Victoria Beckham or Lindsay Lohan.

If we just dropped some subtle (or maybe not so) hints that we will ignore them and their products if they continue to advertise with the mainstream media, perhaps they may come round to our point of view.

…By advertising your products and/or services in the MSM (newspapers, TV & radio), your company is directly supporting and sustaining the propagation of lies and half-truths, the censorship of information and the suppression of alternative viewpoints. Surely this is against the aim of any company that seeks to be a responsible corporate citizen!

…We trust that you, too, will recognize the value and the virtue of a free and fair press and hope that your company can stand on our side. Therefore, we respectfully ask that your company stops contributing to the revenue of the MSM by ending your advertisements or, at the very least, significantly reduce your advertising expenditures immediately.

What we need to do now, folks, is to get started on writing to these lovely advertisers. Haris has a list of them on his site. Download the PDF and scan for those that you patronise and get their email addresses.

Unfortunately, some websites have forms to fill with a lot of details before a feedback comment can be sent off. I personally vow to wade through these.

But before that, there are some with email addresses:-

Carrefour head office:
Giant & Guardian:

Enough to get started anyway.


20 Cent said...

Indeed, kena kasi sama dia! Personally, I've stopped buying the local rags ages ago.

Every time I pick up one of those rags, my blood pressure shoots up to the roof!

galadriel said...

great going, crank. Nice to see more of my blog brethren doing this.

I think I shud do a post on the efficacy of blogs as a distinct pressure group.

The mood in some of the mainstream newspapers is of fear and confusion. On one hand they are all political party-owned so they toe the establishment line.

But look closer. I think the fear has built up in earnest. It is being talked about in newsrooms. Now that we are going after advertisers, the fear is intensifying.
Keep it up.

Harrison bin Hansome said...

Dear Crankshaft,

The government now are moving towards the internet and blogosphere having awaken by the popularity of cyberspace in the BN's election's piss-poor performance. U take care mate ;)

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20 Cent said...

Hey, why so quiet lately? Busy, ke?

Crankshaft said...

Hey :)
I´m currently in Europe at the moment.